Livingmaps Review

A journal for theory and practice in critical cartography and participatory social mapping.

No 3 (2017)

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Welcome to the third issue of Livingmaps Review. We hope you find something in this rich variety of contributions to provoke, entertain, intrigue or surprise you. The sheer range of approaches and topics covered here bears witness to the continuing intellectual vitality of critical cartography. The issue contains essays in the cultural geography and social history of maps, image/texts that push at the boundaries of what is currently mappable, engagement with some of the more intricate and intimate registers of spatial experience and its representation, so many different experiments in taking lines of thought for a walk in ways that lead across the existing boundaries of disciplines or fields. The contributions to our Waypoints and Lines of Desire section are especially notable in this regard.

As in previous issues, some of this material has been generated through Livingmaps events. For example, the interview with Iain Sinclair follows on from his lecture in which he reflected on how London has changed over the past half century in ways which defy the kind of cartographic strategy he has deployed in much of his work. For those of our readers who missed it, a link to the video of his talk is available in the text. We are also delighted to welcome Iain as our new editor-at-large and feel sure that we have not heard the last from him on the subject of mapping.

We would like to encourage readers to send us their comments, and to contact us with proposals for material they would like to contribute to future issues. We are interested in publishing in a variety of experimental formats, including photographic essays, sound maps, groups discussions or dialogues, as well as more conventional texts. The copydate for Issue 4 is 5 January 2018. We look forward to hearing from you.