James Cauty: The Aftermath Dislocation Principle. An Interview with Steve Lowe.

Barbara Brayshay, Nicolas Fonty, Steve Lowe


The Aftermath Displacement Principle Riot Tour travelled to thirty-six locations in the UK in 2016, visiting where there had been a riot sometime in the past. Inside the 40ft shipping container was an extraordinarily detailed model of a post-apocalyptic landscape devastated by an unknown event, a police state, peopled only by media crews, security and emergency services. Intrigued by the notion of imaginary landscapes and dystopian place making, our visits to ADP led us to an exploration of model making, art practice and critical cartography in relation to our research interests in participatory mapping and urban planning.  Our observations generated a series of themes and questions which resulted in an interview with Steve Lowe, Director of L-13, who worked closely with Jimmy Cauty on realising the project and was instrumental in organising the Riot Tour.

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